About Ed

A little bit about my background…

My parents are natives of NYC, and my mother still lives in New Jersey.  My father worked as an electrician in NYC for over 50 years, and my mother is still a homemaker. 

In 1965 I was born in Perth Amboy, NJ, and was raised in Old Bridge, NJ.  Before moving to New Hampshire, I lived in the historic town of Bordentown, NJ, whose most famous resident was Thomas Paine.  I attended Mercer County Community College majoring in theatrical production and set design, and completed my studies at the Catherine Gibbs School of Visual Communications in Piscataway.  I am a resident of Brookfield, NH, since 2010.


I had been contemplating a move out of New Jersey for several years, as I felt that no one in the state legislature reflected how I truly felt about the path of the country.  New Jersey is what I call “a lost State.” It is so highly regulated and corrupt that it is impossible to run a small business or achieve adequate, political representation.  New Jersey’s oppressive taxation, restrictive gun laws, and ever increasing cost of living was a motivator as well.  

I was first introduced to the idea of moving to New Hampshire while at a campaign event in 2009 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. There was a vendor offering tickets to an event called Liberty Forum in Nashua. They offered tours of New Hampshire and a trip to the State Capitol. I bought a ticket and went to the event.  I was very impressed with everything that I saw in New Hampshire.  The favorable business climate, no sales or income tax, and an approachable legislature; all had a such a profound effect on me.  It was evident that New Hampshire was the perfect place to start a small business and become involved in government. This was the motivation I needed.  I returned to New Jersey, closed my business, sold the house, and moved in nine months.     

When I arrived, I quickly relaunched my own business, Governmentoversite.com.  In my effort to facilitate a more transparent government, I began filming meetings in Brookfield.  I soon began to cover other towns and the Carroll County Commissioners Meetings.  I then decided to take a more active role and was appointed Brookfield’s representative to both the Strafford Regional Planning Commission and the Strafford Regional Planning Commission, Technical Advisory Committee.  Shortly thereafter, I was an alternate on the Brookfield Planning Board and eventually won election as a full member in 2013.  In my observation of the political process, I discovered some underperforming elected officials.  This has motivated me to take a more proactive role in my local government.  

I have decided to run for State Representative from Carroll County District Five, believing that my ability to bring creative people together under a common idea can better tackle the myriad of problems we all face today.

My college professor taught me that a stage manager must understand that working with creative people requires the ability to harness inherent skills to convey a powerful story.

The same technique can translate into the public arena. Listening patiently, under diplomatic direction, fosters cooperation between people, and this is what is needed within our government at all levels.

Fostering communication and debate is the key to finding solutions, because the answers are with the people, not the special interest groups and corporations that are controlling it now.