Meeting Minutes Were ‘A Mess,’ Says Commissioner

Monday, July 21st, 2014 @ 11:22AM

Meeting Minutes Were ‘A Mess,’ Says Commissioner
Date of First Publication 9-17-2013

OSSIPEE — Carroll County Commissioner Dave Babson is backtracking after he criticized a county watchdog who demanded that the commissioners verify that five years worth of nonpublic minutes were sealed correctly. At first, Babson though it was a “ridiculous exercise” but now concedes that the archive was a ‘mess’ that needed to be addressed.

This summer, Ed Comeau of filed a right-to-know request through his attorney which called on commissioners to verify that all the non-public minutes in the past five years were properly sealed in accordance to state law. Comeau made his request after some doubt was raised that a particular set wasn’t sealed properly. Commissioners released that set but refused to explain why they were doing so.

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